Christopher Paris , owner of Oxebridge Quality Resources : AKA Mark Spittle — The Case of the Wrecked Mailbox!

Mark Spittle a/k/a Christopher Paris with his Haunted Mansion playmates

Yesterday, struggling ISO consultant, Disney Haunted Mansion afficianado, leftist moonbat and former Communist Party member Christopher Paris (also known as Mark Spittle and the superhero, ‘Blackstar’ ) — accused me of being responsible for (get this) the destruction of the mailbox in front of his house in Florida! You can’t make this stuff up.

From Paris’s Spittle and Ink weblog:

“So I guess now it starts. Thanks to Rocco DiPippo posting a “bounty” for my personal information, I’ve now had the pleasure of having to clean up this mess on my front lawn. It seems some patriotic American good-old boy thought he would send me an appropriate message of terror by tearing up my lawn, smashing apart my mailbox — including the wooden post used to anchor it — and demolishing my city garbage container.”

Gee, it was Paris who chose to reveal his real identity and list his real address on his Spittle and Ink site–as if anyone really cares that he did. And perhaps there are other potential suspects in the case of the mysteriously nuked mailbox: According to a post on his site, Paris recently chased down and harassed the driver of a construction truck who allegedly cut him off while he was driving. Then he wrote a predictably nasty article on the Florida-based contracting company that owned the vehicle, publishing it on his Spittle and Ink website.

Now I know from experience that men in the construction business don’t take kindly to nasty, freaky man-children like the Disney-worshiping Paris. Still, the contractors that Paris abused probably had nothing to do with wrecking the mailbox–one of Florida’s numerous octagenarian drivers probably did.

Nevertheless, when you delight in tormenting, harrassing and abusing people like Christopher Paris a/k/a/ ‘Mark Spittle’ does, paranoia must play a large role in your day-to-day existence. No doubt, Christopher Paris a/k/a Mark Spittle has many enemies, most notably his self. (Talk about a rat chewing on its own tail. . .)

As a compassionate Conservative, I hope that Mr. Paris finds inner peace–perhaps he’ll find comfort from the latest rightwing plot to ‘terrorize’ him by traveling to Disney World and collapsing into the warm embraces of Mickey Mouse, Snow White, Goofy and the friendly ghosts at the Haunted Mansion, as he so often does.

Well, maybe the not-so-friendly ghosts:
Last year, Paris was injured while playing at his beloved Haunted Mansion when someone dressed up as the Headless Horseman hurled a prop pumpkin at him, striking him in the chest. (I did not make this up.) Could the Mossad have been involved? Has it now plotted with neocons in the Bush Administration to wreck Paris’s mailbox? What’s next in the rightwing plot to neutralize him?–a night-time raid to salt his front lawn with grubworms?

Christopher Paris a/k/a Mark Spittle, now joins the illustrious Kurt Nimmo and Justin Raimondo on the list of impotent, semiliterate clowns and crackpots we joyously mock.
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